How to Troubleshoot Noisy Furnace Ducts In Your Home

Troubleshoot Noisy Furnace DuctsDo you have some noisy ductwork this winter? In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a few tips to troubleshoot noisy furnace ducts. But, remember: there’s no substitute to calling in the experts at Reimer!

Furnaces are made to operate without making much noise. However, sometimes certain noises emanate from the furnace area that requires close inspection.

If you hear strange noises coming from the furnace area, it’s possible that something is wrong with the system.

Noises can come from either the furnace or the ducts. In both the situations, it is recommended to contact a professional furnace repair technician to get the system checked. In this article, we will take a look at some of the probable causes for noise coming from the duct.

Identifying noisy furnace duct sounds

Here are some of the common duct noises and some of the probable reasons of the noise.

Popping and Banging Noise – The sound of popping and banging is usually caused by the expansion and contrition of the duct walls due to temperature changes.

Rattling Noise – The rattling noise is most often caused by loose metal ducts that tend to knock against one another. The sealing starts to fails as ducts age due to which the duct connection tend to wiggle and get loose from the static pressure.

Vibrating or Shaking Noise – A sound of vibrating or shacking of the duct walls normally occurs due to the blockage of the return side airflow. This usually happens due to a clogged filer that results in drop in the air pressure that makes the duct walls to vibrate and shake.

Booming Noise – A loud booming noise coming from the duct emanates from the place where the duct trucks is connected with the plenum. The connection tends to endure the greatest swings in temperature. Inadequate expansion of joints or dampers contributes to the noise due to which you can hear a large boom echoing through the supply ducts.

Whistling or rumbling noise – In some cases, you can hear whistling or rumbling noise emanating from the ductwork. The whistling noise is normally caused due to excessive air flow through the ducts. On the other hand, the rumbling noise results due to pressure differences between the supply and the return ducts.


A professional furnace technician can perform a thorough check to identify the exact source of the noise. Different noises require different remedies. To better isolate and resolve the noise, you should consider requesting the technician to install a flexible transition for a furnace to quiet the noise coming from the duct.

Generally, noises coming from the ducts do not represent a major fault with the furnace. Apart from being a slight inconvenience, they don’t generally represent a serious issue with the furnace. However, if you hear strange noise emanating from the furnace itself, it’s essential that you have it checked by a professional technician.

Call Reimer for noisy furnace duct inspections, and for furnace repair

Make sure that you hire an experienced and licensed furnace technician. An experienced technician will expertly identify and resolve all kinds of furnace problems due to which you can spend the entire winter months in total comfortable and warmth.

If you want to hire experienced and NATE-certified furnace repair technicians in Western New York, you can contact Reimer Home Services.

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